Past Productions

​‘Punk Rock’

by Simon Stephens


“I feel like I’m earthed. Here. 

And watch what happens if I let go.”

Following on from two sell-out shows; Mis-Shapen Chaos returned to the Mill with ‘Punk Rock’ by award-winning playwright, Simon Stephens. (“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.”)


Set at a private British grammar school, this powerfully compelling play explores adolescence, anxiety and all the pressures the lead up to A-Level Mock Examinations can bring. Friendships are tested and allegiances shift as increasing tensions within a group of affluent and articulate students is brutally laid bare.


Funny and shocking, ‘Punk Rock’ was a major hit for the Lyric Hammersmith in London, and has also enjoyed a sell-out season on Broadway.

15-16 NOV 2019


3:30pm & 8pm

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Punk Rock at the Yvonne Arnaud

Mill Studio -


" explosive force and a dénouement that clearly  
impacted on the audience I joined."  

Jeff Thomson- Surrey Advertiser

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Punk Rock_184.JPG

Written by Dennis Kelly


“If you go now and you say nothing to no-one about this, you won’t be in trouble”

A group of disaffected teenagers all share a shocking secret. But as things start to unravel, rather than facing the consequences, they decide to go to extraordinary lengths to bury the truth.

DNA is a powerful and explosive play; immersed in the social world of teenagers, where friendships are tested, responsibilities are questioned and moral decisions are made.

Directed by Rob Cann

“Jointly they built tension and held it with disciplined confidence.”



Treasure Island 

by Robert Louis Stevenson

adapted by Dominic Male

“Fifteen men on the dead man’s chest,

Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum!”


Following on from the success of their last production, Mis-Shapen Chaos returned to the Yvonne Arnaud's Mill Studio-this time with a swashbuckling adventure for the whole family to enjoy.


Join young Jim Hawkins as he embarks on the Hispaniola, setting sail across the salty seas with its crew of ruthless buccaneers, in search of Captain Flint’s mysterious bounty.

Can the map that Jim and his mother discovered really reveal the location of hidden gold within Treasure Island? Will he outsmart the dastardly Long John Silver and avoid the curse of the infamous Black Spot?

SURREY ADVERTISER on Treasure Island:

              "The Mill Studio Theatre hosted Treasure Island last week, the second outing for the newly formed Mis-Shapen Chaos Theatre Company. Aimed at age four years+ I joined a very young audience for Stevenson's rollicking adventure. And it definitely rollicked! I watched youngsters aged between four and seven sitting transfixed as this company revealed a story of pirates, parrots and hidden treasure. It was a production on a limited budget but a cast of young professionals doubling-up, gender bending, swopping beards for hats, created an effective illusion of Caribbean treachery. As I watched I remembered my own playground 'adventures' where imagination replaced props androle playing was always convincing. The young audience around me were clearly involved and alert. One young lad, sitting nearby, welcomed his hero, 'Jim' Hawkins (Molly Casey) with a whispered "Hello!" while another tried to hide from Long John Silver (Joe Male) as he swash-hobbled around. Ted Hayes supplied an evocative musical background. Directed by company founder Rob Cann I learn the show could be setting sail for the Edinburgh Fringe later this year".

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The Escapade of the Burmese Burglary

Written by Dominic and Joe Male

This brand new musical is an utterly absurd and wonderfully comic detective romp starring a super sleuth, a very large diamond, and an unpleasant murder.

Scotland Yard's finest mind, Ebenezer Erskine-Crummet, along with his put-upon assistant Rosaline Westmacott, have been dispatched to investigate a murder. The deceased is the Head of Security at the British-Burmese Bank in London and Ebenezer suspects that the newly imported Star of Bhutan, concealed within the Bank's vaults, may be at risk. Will this be a case too far for the force's greatest detective? And, more importantly, will Rosaline ever reveal her true feelings?

The Escapade of the Burmese Burglary was joint winner of FFShorts, the international festival of new writing which sets out to find a new play for the Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre. As well as two weeks at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe the play will be published by Stagescripts Ltd.


British Theatre Guide:

'A thoroughly enjoyable production'  * * * *

David Copperfield

Written by Charles Dickens

Adapted by Alastair Cording

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show”

David Copperfield, one of the best-known works of fiction in the English language, is Charles Dickens' beloved novel based on his own difficult journey from boy to man.

Chart his turbulent development into maturity, witness the account of his birth at Blunderstone Rookery, enjoy the visits with Peggotty to the upturned boathouse in Yarmouth, suffer the cruel treatment from the Murdstones, the threat of the cane from the sadistic schoolmaster at Salem House, Mr Creakle, and even endure the excessive and repulsive 'humbleness' of Uriah Heep.

Although the novel is 900 pages in length, this delightful play speeds along at a pace bringing some of Dickens’ most memorable characters to life.

Directed by Rob Cann

“The result at the Mill Studio last week was an involving and - at times, affecting production.”

* * * * *

SURREY ADVERTISER on David Copperfield

The Witches

Written by Roald Dahl

Adapted by David Wood

"Down vith children! Do them in!"

Boy loves listening to his Grandmother's wonderfully horrible stories. Especially when they are about Real Witches. But little did he know that a short stay at the Hotel Magnificent in Bournemouth would twist into such profound proportions.

Children beware…the Ladies of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children are not quite as they seem…

Come and join Act Four, the Yvonne Arnaud Youth Theatre’s brand new Production Group, as they bring Dahl's enchanting, chilling and colourful story to life.

Directed by Rob Cann